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FWIW, if you need to exercise with a mask, this one also has the endorsing a * ton * of runners and athletes in its reviews. I have two of them in my own rotation, and am impressed with their comfort on long flights * and * during training. The straps are super soft on your ears – I got used to the friction of the straps and was surprised at the difference it made. I also got one for my dad for Christmas last year, and it’s his favorite for walks and runs. It’s just an overall easier to breathe mask (while maintaining a tight fit and protecting the people around you!).

Promising results: “I love this mask. It’s comfortable and fits well on the sides. It’s layered, which reassures me, but it’s not hot or blocking my breath, which makes it uncomfortable when I work out.. It washes and dries well, but just make sure you give yourself time to dry completely before considering wearing it again. I have also worn this mask on recent airplane trips which I have taken for extra peace of mind. I’m so glad I spent the money on a better made mask. I am thinking of ordering another one. “-Kristi S.

Fit type: Loops around the ear

Filter pocket: No

Fabric type: Iso-Chill fabric

Shipping time: Standard shipping

Get it on Amazon for $ 19.99 + (available in five sizes and six colors; for reference I am wearing the Small medium above).