49ers QB Trey Lance abducted on cart with ankle injury

SANTA CLARA, Calif. — San Francisco 49ers quarterback Trey Lance was taken off the field on a cart Sunday after injuring his right ankle.

Lance fell after throwing the ball during the second practice of the game against the Seattle Seahawks. A trolley came out onto the pitch and Lance’s leg was put in a cast before he was removed. The 49ers announced he would not be returning.

Lance’s teammates and several Seahawks players paid their respects before leaving the field and were replaced by former starter Jimmy Garoppolo.

Lance had taken over the starting position this season from Garoppolo after being drafted third overall in 2021.

Garoppolo did not train with the team during training camp, throwing on his own at the side, before agreeing to return as a substitute on a reduced contract this season.

Now he might have a chance to play a bigger role depending on how long Lance is injured.


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