5 Hacks for an Inovativ Camera Cart

Camera dollies can be an expensive tool on set, and Inovativ is at the top of the pack. Hopefully these ideas can get the most out of your shopping cart for less.

If you haven’t heard of Innovative or don’t understand why camera dollies can be an important tool, then this video will help you get the idea. The cart is just the base and the accessories are where a user customizes it to their exact needs. A photographer might want a clip for attaching his camera, and a DIT might need a place to store hard drives. Users can swap wheels, monitor arms, etc.

The problem is that these add-ons and accessories can get quite expensive. Add a baby pin holder to your shopping cart will cost €250, approximately the price of two new C-Stands. Which is why it’s pretty cool to see Kevin Reyes using drum hardware and clamps to build his Inovativ cart setup.

In fact, he’s so efficient at upgrading his cart that he brings down a cost from $1,944 to $310. As an advocate of cheaper drum hardware and gripping gear, I’m sure there isn’t enough of a difference for the end user to care.

Now there are of course cheaper trolley systems. Proaim make a decent option. However, be aware that not all brands fold up and be sure to take note of the weight. Inovativ makes strong but lightweight carts. If you just need to haul gear to the studio, I can’t recommend this cart sufficient. It’s super light, expands and holds things tight with a strong bungee cord.