A man finds a bar cart in the trash and gives it a second life

Sometimes the best discoveries come from the most unexpected places, don’t you agree? We’ve seen it time and time again here at DenGarden, especially when it comes to designers finding the coolest and weirdest pieces of furniture to return to in random sales or even straight out of the trashin some cases!

Well, that’s exactly what happened to the content creator Adrian Vazquez when he stumbled upon a super cool find that was just thrown away after a former tenant left! Let’s talk about it !


So Adrian recently found a bar cart pretty much just sitting in a hallway near the trash can. Although dirty, the cart itself was still in good condition, and Adrian could only guess that it had been left behind when whoever owned it left his apartment. Of course, he’s the type not to waste, not to want, so he immediately grabbed the cart and drove it home.

The very first thing Adrian does after bringing the cart into his apartment is clean everything up. It’s obviously seen better days and the glass is streaked with a lot of grime, but a little elbow grease and a little Clorox spray and it looks nearly new.

Once clean, Adrian puts the bar cart in its new position where it will have a whole new life as a bar and coffee cart. The liquor bottles go to the lower level before his coffee maker, coffee pods, and some flavorings go up to the upper level. A few extra decorations and the whole look come together in a way that would make us assume Adrian bought this cart for exactly that purpose, not finding it in the trash!

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