A man helps a 75-year-old rag picker assemble a vegetable cart; Internet praises the gesture

A man helps a 75-year-old pickpocket set up a vegetable cart. Twitter/@AwanishSharan

Kindness is free and indeed is enough to make someone smile. It’s not everyday that we see people stepping out of their comfort zone or going the extra mile to help others. However, this was not the case for this young man, who not only felt the struggle of an old woman working as a rag picker, but also stepped forward to help her start a new life. A heartwarming video of the same has also gone viral on social media.

Posted by Indian Administrative Services officer Awanish Sharan on his Twitter account, the video shows a 75-year-old woman working as a rag picker for a living. A man named Tarun Mishra decided to help her start a new life. The video shows the man interacting with the woman who takes him further into her small house. Moved by her fate, Mishra decides to help her by buying her a cart of vegetables.

At first, the two continue to buy items necessary for her daily needs. They then go to buy items for his new business, including a cart, a scale, and fresh vegetables.

Finally, at the end of the video, they set up the vegetable cart and the woman performs a pooja before starting her new business. She even gives her sincere blessings to Mishra for her kind act. The entire video will definitely strike a chord in your heart and leave you in tears. It was the same in the comments section. Impressed by the man’s efforts, many appreciated him for helping the woman.

Check out some reactions:

The video was also shared on the Instagram account of Mishra who appears to be a social worker trying to help people in need through his Help Deprive Foundation. There are many similar videos on his handle showing his efforts towards society and people in need. Meanwhile, the Twitter video has so far gained over 3 lakh views and received 20,000 likes.

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