A man transports his mother to the hospital in a trolley, she dies on the way

Shahjahanpur’s chief medical officer said he was unaware of the incident

Shah Jahanpur, UP:

A man carried his sick mother on a handcart more than four kilometers to reach a community health center here on Wednesday after he was unable to get an ambulance.

She died on the way.

The man took the body home on the handcart.

Dinesh (45), a resident of Jalalabad city, told reporters that his mother Bina Devi (65) suddenly developed severe pain in her stomach early in the morning.

The city of Jalalabad is about 35 km from the district headquarters.

Dinesh said his father and neighbors tried to call an ambulance, but after none came for a long time, he decided to take his mother to the local community health center (CHC) on a cart by arm.

After reaching the CHC, he claimed a doctor examined his mother and pronounced her dead.

He said he took the body home on the same handcart.

Superintendent of Jalalabad Community Health Center Dr. Amit Yadav told PTI that Dinesh brought his mother for treatment on a handcart.

Government Ambulance Service 108 district program manager Saurabh Chauhan said no phone calls were received from family members of the deceased woman.

Amit Yadav said he went to examine the patient as soon as he got information, but she died on the way.

Shahjahanpur Chief Medical Officer (CMO) PK Verma said he was unaware of the incident but would investigate.

The ambulance must reach the patient within 30 minutes of receiving a call. If the distance is less, it should arrive sooner, the CMO said of the layout.

There have been sporadic incidents in parts of the state where patients have had to be transported by family members themselves for medical attention after failing to get an ambulance.

Taking note of a video of an elderly man from Ballia district carrying his sick wife to hospital on a cart, Deputy Chief Minister Brijesh Pathak had ordered an investigation.

Mr Pathak, who also holds the health portfolio, had written to the Director General of Health and Family Welfare to look into the reasons which prompted the old man to take the extreme step.

Mr Pathak had asked why the government ambulance service could not be provided to the needy man.

The Minister also instructed the DG to prosecute the culprits after a proper investigation into the matter.

Earlier, Mr Pathak made a surprise visit to Syama Prasad Mookerjee Civil Hospital in Lucknow after a photo of a girl carrying her father in her arms at the OPD for a medical consultation caught the attention of the public. media.

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