A trio takes on the Soapbox challenge with a trolley made from recycled furniture

Three apprentices have joined forces to compete in this year’s Accrington Soapbox Challenge with their innovative design.

The Bowker BMW “soap box” is made from recycled tables and chairs, as well as BMX bike wheels and other repurposed items.

Luke Comberbach, who attends Accrington and Rossendale College, Jack Orrell, 17, and Ciaran O’Boyle, 19, worked together between their other jobs to lead the Bowker Challenge.

Contestants were challenged to create an unpowered soapbox vehicle with four wheels, using only gravity for fuel and speed.

The soapbox must have some form of steering, the ability to brake, and competitors’ safety helmets must be worn.

Ciaran said: “We are very excited. It was great fun building the cart. And we think we have a good chance.

“We recycled old tables we bought in college. We used an old chair from a gaming steering wheel setup. We found the bmx tires on the internet. Anything we could really get our hands on !

“We did most of the work as a threesome. But other Bowker techs helped out with advice and opinions. One of them came up with the design. Then we put it together.

“We learned so many new skills. I had never welded before. I learned to weld. So, I hope the pieces will stay together! »

This year the Soapbox Challenge is taking place in downtown Accrington on Saturday August 27th.

The latest event saw 26 participants, over 9,000 spectators, plus stalls and family fun activities.

“Soapbox cars” were historically made from wooden soapboxes.

More recently, the materials have diversified since the first publicly recorded soapbox run in 1904.

Other than that, there are no rules – simply the first to reach the finish line wins.

Novelty prizes will also be awarded to competitors with the best soapbox design and the best team costume.