A2Z showcases the Cust2mate all-in-one smart cart platform at the NRF National Retail Federation in New York.

NEW YORK, NY/ACCESSWIRE/January 13, 2022/ A2Z Smart Technologies Corp. (NASDAQ:AZ) (TSXV:AZ), will showcase its Cust2Mate smart cart platform at the National Retail Federation Big Show – finally providing large retail chains with a market-ready system with cutting-edge technology designed for a attractive return on investment and fun for the customer to use. Attendees can work with the Cust2Mate smart cart at NRF Edgify booth 3253 from January 16-18 at the Jacob Javits Center in New York City. Click here for the video.

“Our team has decades of experience and a proven track record of successfully implementing new retail POS systems in supermarkets and other retail chains that have been widely adapted globally “, says Rafael Yam, CEO of Cust2Mate Technologies. NRF is an opportunity to showcase our market proven platform which is already being installed. supported by a service and support infrastructure that supermarkets are already working with. We deliver on our promise of an unparalleled personalized shopping experience while providing the retailer with valuable new insights, with system support to increase profits.

Reliability and ROI for retailers

Cust2Mate’s technology reduces shrinkage with advanced anti-fraud technology. The Smart Cart seamlessly integrates multiple technologies using AI, computer vision, and secure edge computing. These provide inventory control that minimizes the risk of out of stock as well as real-time business intelligence that personalizes the customer experience and increases purchases.

Using Edgify’s collaborative AI and computer vision for real-time updates of new SKUs and price changes, Cust2Mate recognizes items without barcodes (fruits and vegetables). Using their algorithms, Edgify allows any change in SKU information to be updated on every computing device under every cart, in every store across the chain. This minimizes the security requirements for expensive servers and infrastructure compared to a less secure and private cloud-based system. The buyer’s data remains in the store.

“From the moment the shopper’s smart cart walks through the designated front door, the system engages the customer to offer promotions and discounts, as well as add suggestions to their purchase to increase their menu if he seems to be buying produce for a salad or mayonnaise to take away. with their canned tuna,” Rafael Yam, CEO of Cust2Mate. “The system will learn and remember customer habits and trends in the store, allowing the retailer to leverage this valuable real-link business intelligence across the chain in compliance with all privacy laws.”

Fun and faster for consumers

Customers want to shop more frequently in a convenient, fast and fun store and combine the best of online and physical experiences. The Cust2Mate all-in-one smart cart features a flawless barcode scanner that registers items for fast and accurate pricing. The cart-mounted touchscreen table offers shopping suggestions, coupons and discounts.

Self-checkout is a breeze with no queues. Each smart cart features a contactless Tap & Pay system and QR scan that can be integrated with loyalty programs or in-store promotions available at the point of sale. The mobile payment block allows customers to pay by credit card or e-wallet when they have funds – Venmo, Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, – use Buy Now Pay Later accounts, loyalty points and even many types of cryptocurrencies.

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