Arkansas police search for fugitive go-kart driver

CENTERTON, Ark. (KNWA/FOX24) – All caught on home security video, a stuck go-kart comes to life and crashes into an owner’s garage. The Centerton Police Department is now looking for the driver responsible for nearly $1,000 in damage.

On January 15, just after noon, home security video shows a go-kart driving and stopping in the residential area. The driver stops at Huntleigh Drive and Quail Ridge Way.

In the video, it appears the go-kart pits. The driver, dressed in a brown jacket, sits down and considers his options before getting out and attempting to restart his journey.

After the sixth pull on the pull-start, the driverless go-kart comes to life and takes off straight to a house. Picking up speed, the kart pulls up the driveway and slams into a garage door.

The driver realizes what is happening, places his hands on his head in shock, and runs after the kart.

Another home security camera captures the second the go-cart crashes into the garage door just slightly out of frame. You see the driver in the brown coat sprint and pull the kart out of the garage. Then, without wasting time and with the wheels of the kart still turning, he sets off again, this time with the driver well attached.

Security video shows the driver being dragged across the driveway into the yard behind the kart as the wheels keep spinning. Then, after turning off a traffic light and making a 90 degree turn, it finally stops.

The driver assesses what just happened, exclaims, and heads back in the direction he came down Quail Ridge Way.

The Centerton Police Department posted two videos and photos of the driver on their Facebook page in hopes they could be identified.

If you know the driver, the police ask you to contact him.