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Q: Yard Waste July 22-23 stickers are already peeling off some yard waste containers, and a number of people have applied tape or duct tape to keep them on. Is the adhesive used on these stickers different from the adhesive used in previous years?

Answer: The city knows the problem. Johnita Campbell, assistant director of the City of Winston-Salem Sanitation Department, explained what to do if the sticker on your yard waste cart isn’t sticking.

“We have been informed that there is an issue with the adhesive on some of the 2022/2023 garden waste tax stickers.

“If a citizen has issues with their decal coming off or having trouble getting it to stick to their cart, we’ll replace it with no disruption to their service,” Campbell said.

If you need a new decal, contact City Link at 311 or 336-727-8000 to initiate the replacement process. The problem with the adhesive has been solved.

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Q: When a tornado damages a property, but does not destroy it, a tarp will sometimes cover the roof. Is there a number to call for supplies such as tarps if needed? Is there an agency to contact? In other words, who do you contact for help?

Answer: Robert Reece, the emergency management coordinator for the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Office of Emergency Management, gave us information and tips for dealing with and preparing for disasters.

“If a tarp is needed after a disaster, it can usually be purchased at hardware stores (local and national chains) as well as box stores.

“During a disaster, the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Emergency Management Office works with partner agencies to release information on where/how to obtain large-scale needs such as goods and services,” a said Reece.

“As a landlord, I recommend that you contact your insurer to see if they can help you. For rentals, contact the rental contact point immediately to report the damage.

We don’t have the frequent large tornadoes and other types of severe weather that some other parts of the country have, Reece said. But, a disaster supply kit is still needed.

“The Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Office of Emergency Management recommends that all households have a disaster supplies kit. I would recommend including a tarp in an emergency supply kit to avoid having to locate one during a disaster.

“Information in multiple languages ​​about disaster supply kits is available at recommends plastic sheeting and duct tape as part of a disaster supplies kit. These items could be used in place of a tarp in some situations.

“Additional information about specific threats and developing an emergency plan can be found at Information from the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Emergency Management Office is available at,” Reece said.

“I strongly recommend that only people experienced in working on a roof perform this function, especially if it has been damaged by some type of disaster. If physical damage has been done to the roofing system, its structural stability has likely been compromised and there is also a threat of power lines and hanging/downed trees,” Reece said. Content Exchange Even though the worst of the storm has passed, lingering weather can still prove problematic. Once it is safe to return home, take steps to prevent further damage. If falling trees have penetrated your roof, cover all the holes with a tarp to prevent rainwater from entering. If your windows have been blown out, tape a plastic sheet over the opening. Since most insurance doesn’t cover post-storm damage, this step could be crucial.

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