Bengals viral cart heads to Super Bowl

The humble metal cart beloved (and widely meme) by Cincinnati Bengals fans is bound for Los Angeles for the Super Bowl.

The three-tier metal cart became a viral celebrity last year when it was used as an improvised recording medium for outdoor interviews amid the Covid lockdown. To maintain social distancing, reporters would place their microphones and other devices on the cart. Then it would be rolled to the interview subjects.

In its early days, social media users critical the cart, which was covered in layers of dust.

The cart was originally thought of as a joke, but since it was first released in October, it has become a beloved part of the team.

And last week, the Bengals announced that the Mic Cart would actually go to the Super Bowl in Los Angeles. The team released a trailer for the trolley’s journey, which included a clip of it creaking on the sidewalk.

The Bengals have kept fans updated on the trolley’s journey across the country. On Sunday, he officially crossed the Mississippi.

The cart even has its own unofficial Twitter accountusing the viral buzz to raise money for Cincinnati charities.

The Cincinnati Bengals (and their famous metal cart) take on the Los Angeles Rams on Sunday.