Best Cart Conversion Strategies and Why “My Deal” is Ranked #1

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA/ACCESSWIRE/March 6, 2022/ For businesses operating in e-commerce, there is no more valuable metric than the sales conversion rate during the checkout process. This is the page that reports your actual earnings. Even a tiny 1% increase in conversion rate can add thousands of real money dollars to your business.

While there are plenty of ideas for increasing conversion rate, reducing digital window shopping and reducing cart abandonment will definitely have a big impact on your bottom line. Creating a smooth checkout process is key to making it easy and quick for your customers to complete their purchases.

With that in mind, My offer was launched to provide online businesses with an innovative sales channel that provides unparalleled real-time visibility into online shopping cart activity. By allowing customers full autonomy in negotiating their final invoice, My offer is changing the online shopping environment and delivering increased sales to retailers and businesses by connecting with customers on a personal level like never before.

How does My Offer work?

My offer is an all-inclusive, on-demand solution that engages and rewards customers instantly at checkout. Instead of setting universal sale events, your customers will see their cart and bid on the total cart value. If it falls within the predetermined parameters set by the merchant, the offer is automatically accepted, a unique discount code is generated and applied with one click, and then the customer is guided to checkout.

The software can easily be integrated into a retailer’s website and includes a concierge chat feature with a script template that can be edited and styled to suit branding requirements. If the Guest Concierge is busy, guests have the option of leaving their contact information for the first member of staff available to contact them. Once an offer is accepted, the customer is directed to the cart checkout where the transaction is finalized.

Founder and CEO Dee Anevska says, “My Offer is an innovative way to discreetly replicate that instantly rewarding in-store experience and allow customers to negotiate their unique needs, schedule and budget anytime, anywhere.

In most cases, an offer is better than no sale. If a customer has the ability to submit an offer, they are less likely to abandon their cart and complete the sale.

My Offer® does not own customer data and is supported by Amazon Web Services to ensure security and scalability.

Their mission is to challenge the status quo by transforming the traditional supply and demand formula, rebalancing the driving forces behind business and customer decision-making processes to achieve a mutually beneficial outcome.

About my offer

This one-of-a-kind B2B software enables brands to turn curious shoppers into dedicated brand advocates through the power of one-on-one human connection.

My Offer eliminates the need for businesses to constantly optimize prices, research customer price targets, and take the guesswork out of identifying ways to connect to individual customer needs.

After many years of service, My Offer has attracted a large number of online retailers with their free trial period available for new customers.

My offer has no subscription fees and locking contracts. The company charges a low fee, calculated as a percentage of each successful sale. It offers ongoing support and a six-month free trial.

The online retail industry continues to grow and My Offer is riding the curve of this exponential growth. My Offer has reinvented the traditional sales cycle to increase customer satisfaction, drive online sales and forge a new level of customer loyalty.

By AJ Ignacio (Reporter, Baden Bower News)

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