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Getting around a golf course requires carrying your clubs from hole to hole. Although gas and electric golf carts make driving easier, they are usually expensive to rent and limit your aerobic exercise.

Golf carts are a stylish and convenient way to transport your clubs around the course with a wide range of features and storage. You’ll also save money by not having to rent a cart. Best of all, you can enjoy the health benefits of walking while the push cart does most of the work for transporting your clubs. For its wide range of storage options and ability to cover multiple terrains, the best golf cart choice is the Sun Mountain GX Speed ​​Cart.

What to know before buying a golf cart

Unique Benefits

Push golf carts have several advantages over traditional pull carts. Push carts usually have three or four wheels, which provide greater stability and maneuverability. Push carts are also easier to navigate on a golf course, so you won’t expend as much energy. Keeping your golf clubs in front of you also helps you notice if some of your clubs are starting to come out of the bag.

Types of brakes

A golf cart’s braking system is important when playing on a hilly course and you will need to stop your cart on an incline. Some brakes are controlled by hand, while others rely on your foot pressing the brake lever. Braking systems that engage multiple wheels are more robust.


One of the best things about today’s push carts is the advanced technology that allows them to open and close in seconds. Some golf carts even have a button that automatically closes the cart for you. Most have a manual lever that folds the unit down once your bag has been removed. Keep in mind that you will need a cart that fits your storage space when down.

What to Look for in a Quality Golf Cart


Many golf carts come with plenty of storage options, including a scorecard dashboard, digital rangefinder, and even your cell phone. Others include mesh bags to store additional items. Cup holders are also popular additions. Look for push carts with the right amount of storage, as too many options can clutter up access to your clubs and golf balls.


A unique feature of many golf carts is a fold-down seat that allows you to rest while waiting for groups in front of you to finish the hole. It’s a welcome convenience on hot days or for people with back or leg problems who may need the occasional break.

Umbrella holder

Some golf carts are equipped with a umbrella incumbent. It’s a great option for protecting your clubs if it starts to rain as you won’t need to awkwardly hold the umbrella in place. Some bags feature a sliding tube designed for the umbrella rod, while others have a clip feature.

How much you can expect to spend on a golf cart

Many golf carts can be had for $50 to $200, with the top end of this range offering great features, braking systems, and extra storage. Golf carts over $200 usually have additional features such as built-in electric motors to help on hilly courses and flat-proof tires.

Golf Cart FAQ

Is there a big difference between three-wheel carts and four-wheel carts?

A. Three-wheeled carts tend to reach higher speeds and are easily maneuverable around curves or rough terrain. Four-wheel push carts are more stable due to the extra-wide base, and they usually fold into a flattened shape that’s easier to store.

Do golf carts require a lot of maintenance?

A. Most golf carts require minimal maintenance. Straps can wear out over time. Punctures sometimes happen too. Straps, tires and most other accessories are available as spare parts from the manufacturer.

What is the best golf cart to buy?

Premium Golf Cart

Sun Mountain GX Speed ​​Cart

What do you want to know: This push cart provides extra storage capacity while top and bottom bag holders keep everything in place, even on rough terrain.

What you will love: The three-wheel design covers all course conditions. A redesigned handle provides even easier access to your golf equipment. A mesh basket provides additional storage space. A two-step technique makes folding easy.

What you should consider: There were reports of the cart pulling to the right while in motion.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon and Dick Sporting Goods

Best golf cart for the money

Qwik-Fold 3-Wheel Push Cart

Qwik-Fold 3-Wheel Push Cart

What do you want to know: This push cart is easy to push and even easier to fold up and store when you’re done.

What you will love: Made from aircraft-grade aluminum, this push cart is both lightweight and sturdy. It has a patented foot brake system engaged by simply tapping it with your foot. Bullet-system technology allows the cart to open and fold in a second.

What you should consider: There have been reports of the sack cart veering to the left while in motion.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Bag Boy Nitro Self-Opening Cart

Bag Boy Nitro Self-Opening Cart

What do you want to know: This push cart opens and closes in seconds and has many premium features.

What you will love: The top panel has room for scorecard, golf balls, beverage storage and even a mobile device holder. It has a manual parking brake and elastic straps for added security. A clip-on umbrella holder is included.

What you should consider: The wheels may lack traction on certain surfaces.

Or buy: Sold by Amazon and Dick Sporting Goods

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