Bihar graduate Chaiwali alleges repeated confiscation of cart, says he will close up shop. Watch the video

Priyanka Gupta, an economics graduate from Bihar, set up a tea stall near Patna Women’s College in April this year. The young woman hoped her business would take off, generate income and allow her to become financially independent after struggling to find a job for two years.

While she received praise on social media as a “Chaiwali graduate”, Gupta has now alleged that his cart was targeted and repeatedly prevented from doing business. She said misogyny let her down.

In a video shared by News 24 on Twitter, the woman is seen crying and venting. In a broken voice, she said, “You all might recognize me – the Chaiwali graduate, the so-called Chaiwali graduate.” She adds, “I thought about doing something different in Bihar and then people supported… But that’s Bihar.”

Watch the video here:

In the video, Gupta also talks about the stark disparity between how women entrepreneurs and others are treated. “Here, the status of women is limited to the kitchen… Girls are not allowed to advance. There are many carts set up here in Patna. There are many illegal jobs in Patna, such as the illegal sale of alcohol. The system is not active there. But if a girl runs her own business, she will be bothered again and again.

She adds: “My lot is to be confined to the kitchen, to sweep the floor, to get married and to leave the house. I have no power to do my own business.

She also says the cart she was selling tea on was repeatedly targeted. “How can my cart be lifted from there when I have already obtained permission from the commissioner? I was disappointed with this system. I’m going to the franchise that booked my business. I go home and close the business,” she says.

“Thank you, Nagar Nigam, Bihar System. You showed me my status. If you are female stay at home, there is no need to do anything outside as this is Bihar.

When she set up the tea stall, photographs of Gupta were shared by ANI showing her shop being thronged by students. The banner on the stand read: “Log kya sochenge agar ye bhi hum hi sochenge, to fir log kya sochenge…”