Biloxi PD Answers Questions Regarding Golf Cart Use During Mardi Gras Parade – Picayune Item

The Biloxi Police Department responded to several questions regarding the use of low-speed vehicles (golf cart). We are sending this notice to cover the most requested topics to include location for additional information on these vehicles. You must first call and schedule a golf cart inspection; you will need to contact the community relations office at 228-435-6115 or 228-385-3033. We will not accept anyone who does not call and get an appointment through the community relations section.

We only conduct inspections Monday through Friday, and none will be conducted on Shrove Tuesday. The golf cart license will expire after one year and must be registered and inspected annually. Any modification that renders the cart non-compliant will void inspection after inspection. A citation could be issued with a fine of $416.00 for the violation for not having the inspection and registration issued. What you will need to know if you will be using a low-speed vehicle during Mardi Gras season in Biloxi.

For those who need more information, they can locate it on the city’s website

The prescription item numbers involving LSV are; 20-4-1 definitions, article 20-4-2 Authorized operations, article 20-4-3 Low-speed vehicle registration article 20-4-4 Disclaimer.

Golf carts will be permitted on the same routes as shown on approved maps. Once the roads are closed for the parade, golf carts will NOT be permitted on those roads. (Examples Main Street, Lameuse Street, Reynoir Street, Porter Avenue)

The golf cart will need to be inspected. If the person requesting the sticker does not live within the city limits of Biloxi, they will need to bring the golf cart on a trailer to the Lopez Quave Public Safety Center located at 170 Porter Ave. Biloxi, MS 39530

The sticker price is seventy-five dollars ($75). We cannot accept checks. Fees must be paid in cash or with a debit/credit card.

If you’re using a debit/credit card, there’s a site fee associated with the fee.

In order for a golf cart to pass inspection and operate within Biloxi city limits, the golf cart will need to have the following working equipment. Headlights, front and rear indicators, brake lights, operational horn, reflectors: one red on each side and one red at the rear.

Valid driver’s license verified (the officer will take a photo of your driver’s license during the inspection)

Current photo of golf cart taken (the agent will take four photos of your golf cart during the inspection)

Hand brake


Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) (the agent will write down or take a photo of the VIN)

Seat belts for each seating position

Rear visibility

Exterior mirror mounted on the driver’s side and either an exterior mirror on the passenger side or an interior mirror

Insurance verified (the agent will take a photo of the insurance card during the inspection)