Branford has very specific road rules for golf carts

BRANFORD, CT – As some communities allow the use of golf carts in their towns, in Branford there is a very specific area where they are allowed, with very specific rules.

Here’s what Branford police say:

Golf cart use is restricted to the Pine Orchard section of town within the following established boundaries:
1. West: From the intersection of Pine Orchard Road with the Amtrak rail line along Pine Orchard Road to Yowago Avenue to the intersection of the Yowago Avenue Extension with Long Island Sound .
2. South: along Long Island Sound from the intersection of the Branford Steam Railway (Tilcon) extension to the intersection of Yowago Avenue with Long Island Sound.
3. To the north: from the intersection of Pine Orchard Road with the Amtrak railroad to its intersection with the Branford Steam Railway (Tilcon) railroad; and
4. To the east: by the Branford Steam Railway (Tilcon) from its intersection with the Amtrak railway to its extension south to Long Island Sound.

Note: You cannot drive your golf cart from your home outside of these boundaries to get to Pine Orchard. There is no wiggle room.

The following provisions apply to the transaction:

  • Allowed only during daylight hours
  • Allowed on roads with a speed limit of 25 miles per hour or less;
  • Equipped with a working horn [14-80(e)];
  • Equipped with a 10″x10″ fluorescent yellow flag mounted behind the driver’s side of the golf cart at a distance of 6 ½’ from the road surface;
  • Fitted with working brake lights;
  • The operator must possess and carry a valid CT operator license;
  • A valid insurance card must be carried during operation.

Finally, you may only use your golf cart in the sections listed above and in accordance with the regulations listed above IF and ONLY IF your golf cart is inspected and registered with the City of Branford.

The Branford Police Department conducts inspections at the Pine Orchard Club Pro Shop, usually the first week of June each year. Once the golf cart passes inspection and the owner receives a “Certificate of Compliance”, the owner can then register the golf cart with the city’s tax collector for $25.

The owner will receive a registration sticker to be affixed to the left rear bumper of the golf cart with the owner’s name and expiration date.

So, in conclusion, if we see you taking a golf cart ride down West Main Street on Friday night, the joy will end quickly.

Please follow the above regulations so we can keep the roads safer for everyone who lives, works, visits and travels through Branford.”