Cabinet or showcase? Filing cabinet or bar cart? Two Sculptural Pieces at Suite NY Give Versatility an Artistic Flare – SURFACE

To go for a walk Suite NY’In the impeccably curated NoMad showroom, you get the feeling that ultimate legibility is the watchword. Walls of chairs in all shapes and materials speak of iteration and refinement. Tables and lights executed in or evoking natural elements bring the outdoors in. Everything is elegant, nothing superfluous. Their new collection, the exclusive AP. Serien from Danish manufacturer A. Petersen, has a range of contributors who have studied and worked alongside giants Poul Kjærholm, Arne Jacobsen and Hans J. Wegner. Faithful to the maxim of Suite NY, it takes transparency as its first principle, this time within the production chain.

“The things we like to see on a daily basis” titles the influences of Line Depping. The Danish designer’s toolboxes feature prominently in the collection. Langstroth-esque tops are captured in a lemon to nude ash gradient using a natural yellow pigment created in collaboration with Linolie & Pigment, the color maestros dedicated to old-world techniques at their factory and showroom on the Haderslev Fjord in Denmark. (It also comes in earthy pine.) Metal-framed trays are both playful and ultra-functional. Is it a filing cabinet, coffee table, bar cart? They also have a bit of a cheeky name, as a box seems to be the only thing missing from the room.

You won’t miss anything in Knud Holscher’s Rolling Cabinet. The all-acrylic wardrobe doesn’t contain things so much as it displays them. “It’s funny to think that the cabinets caused such a stir with the older generation at the companies that installed them,” says Holscher. “Just because their shape was a bit different.” These sensational versions came in carefully selected but rather stuffy Oregon pine. And while its functionality hasn’t changed (flexible pantry, clothes or storage space), the see-through material might well guide its application. What hides in a closet might be worth keeping, but what hides behind glass is worth showing.

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