‘Cart before the horse’: New Nunthorpe road approved before homes get planning permission

The Deputy Mayor of Middlesbrough has criticized the approval of a 576m road in Nunthorpe for a housing estate which does not yet have planning permission.

The road will branch off at a roundabout onto the A1043 for potential new homes at Nunthorpe Grange. A planning application has been submitted by Persimmon for 69 houses on the land north of the ring road, but it has not yet been approved.

However, concerns have already been raised that part of the road leads to a potential Taylor Wimpey development, but no planning application has yet been submitted. The roundabout on the A1043 was approved in March 2019 but has yet to be built.

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Conservative Deputy Mayor and Councilor of Nunthorpe, Mieka Smiles, does not think the road should have been approved before plans for the houses were confirmed. She added: “It just seems to put the cart before the horse. He anticipates something that has not been decided.

“Historically, and in the future, I will always vote against large developments in Nunthorpe because at the moment I don’t think we have the infrastructure to deal with it.

The Nunthorpe Grange development is included in the local plan and could see up to 250 homes built between the A1043 and Guisborough Road by 2029. Cllr Smiles does not believe this is the right site for the development.

She said: ‘I think it’s totally inappropriate and the entrance is still off the ring road so it’s not really connected to Nunthorpe I think it looks like it’s going to be a bit of an island in itself and just not appropriate because of the lack of infrastructure. We are making progress, we have the GP practice which is almost built, a decision will be made on the community center in the next few weeks or so and I would like it to be built by the end of this year.

“So there is progress, so I still don’t think we’re in a situation where we can in any way support the building of new homes based in Nunthorpe, it goes against everything I think.” Two groups are currently vying for their site to be the new location of the Nunthorpe Community Centre.

Nunthorpe Parish Council, Community Council and the Institute all want the new center to be next to the GP’s practice, which is currently under construction on Stokesley Road. However, the Nunthorpe & Marton Playing Fields Association (NMPFA) want to expand their current site on Guisborough Road to include more community facilities.

The 69 houses on offer at Nunthorpe Grange will consist of 36 five-bedroom detached houses, 23 four-bedroom detached houses, six four-bedroom semi-detached houses and a further four three-bedroom detached houses. The council report approving the road, states: “[The proposal] would result in development which would not adversely impact the character of the surrounding area and would not be detrimental to the local amenities of the surrounding area.

Taylor Wimpey owns the land adjacent to the Persimmon site where the new approved road also branches off. Residents said Taylor Wimpey consulted with the community but no planning application was submitted.

Persimmon declined to comment.

Middlesbrough City Council has been contacted for comment.

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