Launches Shopping Cart Channels Allowing Brands to Unify Feed Marketing and Marketplace Management

Cart Channels equips brands with the industry’s most powerful solution for marketing, selling and fulfillment across 2,000 global channels, which enables retail brands to quickly grow their business and sell easily across all channels, announced the launch of Cart Channels, a powerful suite of software, services and operational support that enables brands to increase sales reach and speed across 2000 channels.

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“Cart Channels™ is the unlock for ambitious brands and retailers looking to expand their reach and improve their channel’s profitability, but have been unable to do so due to complexity, scale and complexity. speed of world markets”

A unique solution, Cart Channels™ unifies the increasingly complex functions of Feed Marketing and Marketplace Management. The solution enables brands to optimize product listings and traffic across 2,000+ online advertising, social media and shopping channels; and to optimize product listings and pricing in the world’s largest marketplaces. Cart Channels™ helps marketers grow, oversee and optimize their product listings through a centralized interface, backed by best-in-class tools that automate placement, promotion, pricing and fulfillment.

Cart Channels™ features include:

  • Powerful market listing and management abilities for major global marketplaces such as Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Etsy, Mercado Libre, Rakuten, Bol and others
  • Sophisticated product feed marketing capabilities that allow brands to automatically transform their product catalog into search-optimized listings across 2,000+ online advertisements, social media and shopping channels globally
  • Automated pricing engine who adjusts listings hundreds of times a day on Amazon to maximize profits, beat competitors, and win the Buy Box. On average, customers win the Buy Box up to 72% of the time on Amazon and 82% on Walmart
  • Automated Google Product Ad Creation leverage sophisticated decision logic based on product name, description, price, and inventory, resulting in unique keywords and text ads for each product to maximize CTR while minimizing CPC
  • Order management and routing which allows brands to choose how and where to fulfill specific orders by sku or sales channel
  • Inventory synchronization and visibility across all channels ensuring brands always have a clear picture of inventory, whether in FBA, WFS, Fulfillment Network or a brand’s own warehouse
  • Services managed by experts dedicated to each brand’s account to drive sales through cutting-edge strategies, in-depth analytics and effective managed services. builds brand-driven advertising channels and go-to-market strategies to drive growth at scale, positioning branded products as cost-effectively as possible in the world’s most popular online shopping destinations. world. takes care of everything – from content optimization, in-depth advertising management and inventory forecasting to account health and KPI tracking
  • DIY-friendly tools and resources that puts all the power of shopping cart channels in the hands of the brand or an agency to increase sales and profits

“Cart Channels™ is the unlock for ambitious brands and retailers looking to expand their reach and improve their channel’s profitability, but have been unable to do so due to complexity, scale and the speed that global markets present,” said Mike Svatek, chief innovation officer. . “Brands need to have powerful tools, experts and operators in their backyard to not only enable trade, but for automate this. Cart Channels™ is the solution.

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As brands seek to increase sales and reach new shoppers, they are increasingly investing in online marketplaces such as Amazon and Walmart as well as advertising channels such as Google and Facebook to list their products. With the complexity of advertising, merchandising, management, optimization and fulfillment, brands often struggle to meet advertising and sales goals to maximize performance across these channels. With hundreds of millions of shoppers flocking to marketplaces daily, the scale of shopping behavior across online channels is forcing brands to constantly update their product pricing and merchandising tactics throughout. throughout the day, as hundreds of brands compete in real time to win over the buyer – a hard-working feat that leaves profits on the table. Cart Channels™ eliminates these challenges while propelling brands into more sales channels with more products, allowing them to sell everywhere.

Brands benefiting from Cart Channels™ can also put powerful, predictive insights into action across their entire e-commerce operation through Unified Analytics by, providing a single seat for brands to uncover demand, forecast overage and inventory outages and improve ROAS over dozens of paid. marketing channels.

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