Chatfield Considers Trash Cart System

Councilors discussed the future of the city’s garbage collection and recycling system at the May 9 city council meeting. The pros and cons were debated about continuing to use the bag system or moving to a cart system.

The existing contract with William Hanson Waste Removal is valid for another three years. If the city switches to the cart system, the current contract will change.

There seemed to be consensus that a hybrid system allowing a choice of bags or carts would be problematic. The bag system is economical and has been used for years. Going to the carts will cost more, especially for those who produce a very limited amount of waste. The bag system requires two workers for collection, which has become a problem. Only one worker will be required to drive the truck for the automated truck-cart system. Most advisers realistically believe that using an automated truck is the future.

Councilors who spoke to residents concluded that most were cart pros, but not all. Hanson has been providing waste removal services for the city for over 20 years.

Residents can get a 65 gallon or 96 gallon cart, one for recycling and one for garbage. Apartment buildings would be treated like commercial buildings with respect to garbage collection. Most residents will experience a cost increase of around 30% with the cart system. Residents average 4.3 bags per month, which equates to $22.67 per month. With a 65 gallon cart for garbage and a 65 gallon cart for recycling, the average resident will pay $30.17 plus taxes and surcharges.

No action was taken that day, but there seemed to be consensus to move forward and work out the details of a contract for the cart system.

Other activities in brief

• City Engineer Craig Britton has requested contract approval for the 2022 Groundwater Storage Improvement Project (South Reservoir only). At the last meeting, the council rejected the offer for the rehabilitation of the concrete tank improvements. The Public Works Committee recommended the lowest bidder for the repair of the steel tanks submitted by Osseo Construction Co. LLC. A revised contract with Osseo Construction in the amount of $304,000 has been approved. This eliminates the work associated with Old Territorial Rd. Reservoir.

• Dan Funk has been hired as Senior Maintenance Worker, effective June 6th. Brian Burkholder, Public Works, noted that eight candidates were interviewed for the position. Burkholder thanked retired Bill DuBord for all he did in his eight years of service; we will miss him.

• Burkholder said five people were interviewed for summer help positions. Ryan Nosbisch and Gage Bartels have been hired for these positions (June to August) as recommended. David Sladek will work as a backup mower as needed in May, September and October.

• Approval has been given to close Fifth St. from the driveway to Twiford St. for the next two months, as requested by Benike Construction. The closure will be for utility work and reconstruction of a retaining wall.

• The month of May has been proclaimed Preservation Month 2022 in the town of Chatfield.

• Permission has been given to the VFW to display flags in the city park on Memorial Day weekend.

• Approval has been given for Chatfield to act as the fiscal host for SE Minnesota Regional Transit. A proposal has been developed to create a Transport Management Organization (TMO) to help people move around the area more efficiently. Efforts are being made to officially establish the TMO. SE MN Together will compensate the city for these services.

• The annual allocation of $2,000 to the Bluff Country Hiking Club was approved.

• EB Allen has been approved as Softball Season Coordinator for CCTV.

• A resolution was passed calling on the Minnesota Legislature to extend the Minnesota Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credit for at least eight years.