CHP: Golf Cart Rollover in Rural Napa County Causes Serious Injuries, Triggers Airborne Response | Local News

The California Highway Patrol responded Saturday afternoon to a golf cart that overturned on a private road near Capell Valley Road and caused serious injuries to two of the cart’s passengers, according to a news release.

The golf cart driver was traveling on a private driveway around 1:00 p.m. with three passengers in her cart. She turned dangerously onto the shoulder of the road, the statement said. This caused the cart to overturn, injuring two of the passengers.

A CHP helicopter and a REACH Air Medical Services a helicopter was deployed to intervene on the injured; they transported the two passengers to Kaiser Medical Center in Vacaville for treatment.

Napa City Council incumbents Mary Luros and Liz Alessio are not opposed to the upcoming Nov. 8 election, but the council voted Tuesday to hold the election anyway.

State awards $1.2 million to help Napa's Suscol Headwaters Park

South Napa County hiking enthusiasts just hit the jackpot, even though the payoff is only a few years away.

This is just a drill: Saint Helena first responders and school officials are holding an active fire drill

Police officers, firefighters, paramedics and school officials from Upvalley staged an active-fire drill at RLS Middle School on Saturday.

Main Street Reunion Car Show returns with aplomb to Napa after a two-year hiatus

Car enthusiasts were happy to see the return of the Main Street Reunion Car Show to downtown Napa, which brought a wide assortment of hundreds of classic cars to the area.

Kastner Honda of Napa has a new owner

Napa’s Kastner Honda has a new owner, but the name remains the same.

No Evil, No Poultry: Napa Chicken and Duck Form a Quick Friendship

This Napa chicken and duck struck up a quick friendship and are often seen traveling as a couple. Meet Gerald and the Princess of Fuller Park.

Paul Pelosi pleads guilty to drunk driving charge in Napa County

Paul Pelosi, husband of Nancy Pelosi, pleaded guilty Tuesday to a misdemeanor charge of driving under the influence stemming from a May accident with injuries near Oakville.

Napa County refocuses on removing fish barriers

Two Napa County groups are pushing to help rainbow trout by removing creek barriers at spawning grounds.

Napa Pipe housing begins to take shape

New homes are coming to Napa Pipe. Take a look here.

Napa County to spend $3.9 million to help with child care

Child care is hard to find in Napa County. The county wants to spend $3.9 million to help improve the situation.

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