City approves new golf cart ordinance

Signs would also be placed on roads where vehicles would be allowed, and drivers who register the vehicle would receive a list of roads they are allowed to drive on from the city’s police department.

While golf carts are already being driven around city neighborhoods, Mayor Troy Brumbalow said that without the ordinance, drivers are open to traffic violations, which they would still be subject to on roads where PTV are not allowed.

City Attorney Kevin Tallant said the city would not be liable for crashes with or without the order, but the change would affect liability for drivers and passengers.

“You can’t drive a golf cart right now in the city for two reasons,” he said. “First of all, right now all you can legally drive is street-legal, and that requires certain glass requirements, certain bumper requirements, all kinds of things that golf carts do not have. The other reason you can’t drive one now in town is [council members] did not adopt a plan indicating that they could be used on these streets.

Tallant said approval from the Georgia Department of Transportation would be required to allow golf carts to cross state roads.

Ledbetter, who opposed the ordinance in both discussions, said she felt the change was “a terrible idea” and would be dangerous for residents.

“There are very few people affected [positively] by this, and there’s a ton of people this is going to affect and hurt,” she said.

The current discussion on the ordinance is not the first time that it has been possible to establish rules for golf carts.

In 2018, city leaders discussed a similar proposal for vehicles before plans bogged down.