City of Boiling Springs passes golf cart ordinance for residents

Transportation primarily used to transport golfers from hole to hole on the green will now be welcome in select areas of Boiling Springs.

To discourage their inappropriate use in certain areas, the City of Boiling Springs recently implemented an ordinance on golf carts as a safety hazard.

“We’ve had residents driving golf carts without a license,” City Manager Justin Longino said. “And we’ve had complaints from residents in cul-de-sacs where young people (under 16, without a license) were using golf carts.”

Longino said the new bylaw actually benefits those who want to cycle throughout the city, as many roads are prohibited from riding with a golf cart.

The regulation went into effect on Monday.

Residents can drop by City Hall to purchase a permit and make an appointment to have their cart inspected. The cost is $50 per year.

The star contacted other municipalities in Cleveland County to see if a similar rule was adopted. Only Boiling Springs has implemented golf cart regulations.

“Previously, carts were only allowed on city-maintained streets, which excluded many areas and roads because nearly every thoroughfare in the city is DOT property,” Longino said. “This new ordinance allows golf carts to be driven on streets within city limits with a speed limit of 35 mph or less.”

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