Council approves golf cart and recreation district ordinances – Picayune Item

Golf carts are now legal for use on public roads with reduced speed limits and a new recreation district has been created in the town of Picayune.

Some adjustments have been made to the golf cart ordinance, specifically omitting any mention of a time frame during the day when the use of such vehicles is permitted. Picayune Deputy Police Chief James Bolton said that since the requirements to make a golf cart road legal include headlights and taillights, there is no need to restrict the time of the car. day on which they can be used. However, using a golf cart on a highway is still not permitted. Also, golf carts will be required to cross any freeway at intersections that have traffic lights. This order will officially come into force 30 days after it is published in the legal lists of local media.

Chef Joe Quave said his staff are working to organize the qualification process, but he’s unsure if he will require additional staff at this stage.

Timelines for the recreation district were also discussed. Bolton said customers can take drinks into an establishment between the hours of 5:00 p.m. and the closing of the business that serves drinks and only in the area designated as the leisure district. This area mainly focuses on downtown Picayune, but other surrounding areas are included.

The Board also accepted a check from Picayune Main Street Inc. Director Reba Beebe for a total of $10,000, which was raised through the recent Gumbo and Dessert competition. The funds will be used to help offset a match the city will have to provide to receive $1.9 million in funding from BP used to renovate Friendship Park.

Also during Tuesday’s meeting, councilors heard from a participant in the Greater Picayune Area Chamber of Commerce’s newest leadership program. Roy Penton gave a brief description of what he and his classmates learned before presenting the class project. This year’s project aims to help potential entrepreneurs start or establish a business in Picayune and Pearl River County.

The package will include all relevant information a potential business owner needs to know to start the licensing process, register with the Mississippi Department of Revenue, apply for unemployment insurance, how to seek financing, and more. Again.

Penton said the idea behind creating the package was to streamline the process to entice more people to open businesses. By sharing the package digitally, those who request it will have instant access to this information as well as links to appropriate resources and request forms.

The Picayune Police Department is also in the process of reapplying for national accreditation. Quave said several staff members monitor policies and procedures to ensure everything is in compliance. He expects to begin the self-assessment process by this summer. Asked about the department’s state accreditation status, Quave said the department was reaccredited in June of last year and that status typically lasts three to four years.

In addition, the Council plans to hold a ribbon-cutting ceremony at Kids Kingdom at Friendship Park on Saturday at 10:00 a.m. The public is invited to attend.