Customers love the new hot dog cart

SIOUX FALLS, SD (KELO) – A Sioux Falls entrepreneur cuts the concept of a food truck down by peddling hot dogs from a cart.

Take a stand at the hot dog stand. Patrons lined up to 20 people, patiently waiting to be among the first to dive into a dog at Let Me Be Frank.

“You don’t see any of them around, that’s the experience, it’s nice so why not,” said Eric McGill of Crooks, SD.

The large opening day crowd took owner Comet Buum a bit by surprise.

“I should have brought my manager, my daughter, she could help me,” said (laughs) Buum.

One of Buum’s specialties, the Chicago-style hot dog, has won Windy City approval.

CUSTOMER: “And we’re both from Chicago.”
BOM: “Well, I’ll probably ruin this for you then, especially since it’s my first time.”
CUSTOMER: “It’s okay, man.”

Buum is glad the weather was good for his debut. After all, the umbrella on top wouldn’t offer much protection from the elements. Also, you don’t want to sell a hot dog in the cold.

“It’s hectic, and even if a person thinks you can prepare for something, you’re never fully prepared,” Buum said.

Buum says he can serve up to 500 hot dogs from his cart. Bringing a taste of Coney Island to Sioux Falls.

“I like the simplicity of the concept. I have a passion for cooking, but I wanted something I could take anywhere,” Buum said.

Buum plans to take his cart all over town, serving lunch and dinner, and possibly even offering a breakfast menu, turning Sioux Falls into a hot dog paradise for hungry customers.

“Very good, very good,” McGill said.

Let Me Be Frank sold out if his hot dogs sold out in about two hours.

He will be settling in again at the 49th & Western for lunch on Saturday. Then it moves downtown Saturday night, past Wiley’s.

You can find out when the basket arrives near you by heading to their Facebook page.