Dash Cart has fun with Amazon Fresh – Produce Blue Book

Although I’ve tossed Amazon Fresh BB#:283186 several times in this column, I have to admit that I’ve become a fan of it.

Not necessarily for reasons they would appreciate.

I just find the whole place funny.

There was this moment when I stopped at the one in Bloomingdale’s, IL, to pick up some fresh figs. Admittedly, going to Amazon Fresh for fresh figs is a sign of limited intelligence, given their array of choices. Of course they had no fresh figs.

But I also wanted a bottle of chilled white wine. I looked for the chilled wine section but didn’t see it. Then I asked a clerk who stored the crate of beer where it was.

“Uh…” she said, “I don’t think we have that.”

There was a wine cooler at the end of the very aisle we were in.

The Dash Cart is impressive. You scan your Amazon app. The shopping cart itself scans the items you put in it. Upon completion, you are billed directly to the account the app is linked to.

Then I reflected on my own encounter with Dash Cart.

On one visit, when I arrived an elderly gentleman was transferring his groceries from a Dash cart to a regular cart. Of course, he let me take the Dash Cart.

At first I didn’t even notice it was a Dash Cart. But it made no difference as it was out of order.

I didn’t care, although I guess I would have if I was making a video about my Dash Cart experience.

A side feature of the Dash Cart: they don’t let you take it out of the store. That’s why the old gentleman put his groceries in an ordinary shopping cart: so that he could take them to his car.

You can see Amazon Fresh’s point of view. They don’t want someone off the street stealing their state-of-the-art Dash Cart to carry their stuff.

Crime seems to run rampant in the bright new world of self-analysis. I see the Wegmans Channel dropping its self-analyzing feature. The reason? Too much shrinkage, or to put it less well, flight.

“That’s why we can’t have nice things,” The Buffalo commented. [NY] New.