Die service cart upgraded to handle screws and chill rolls

Processing Technologies International LLC has launched its next generation flat die maintenance system, the uCAMS (Universal Cleaning Assembly and Maintenance System) Plus. The original uCAMS, introduced in 2021, was developed to be the foundation of any offline die maintenance program, serving as a single manifold flat die servicing system capable of accommodating a variety of die widths .

The latest iteration evolving from the original concept (patent pending) has brought even greater efficiency to servicing flat dies with the upgrade for servicing chrome rollers and feed screws. This transforms the functionality of the Flat Die Service System into a versatile “triple play” for maintenance and service of critical sheet extrusion related components unmatched in the industry.

Like its predecessor, the new unit offers mobility, ease of use by a single operator and secure accessibility. All previous features included in the original uCAMS have evolved to the latest generation, including a flywheel mechanism to split flat dies and trunnion mounts coupled with rollers that allow the die halves to be rotated 180° with ease.

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Available in three models – 1500S, 2000S and 2500S – uCAMS Plus accommodates servicing flat dies ranging from 710mm to 2500mm in width via its unique adjustable trunnion mounts, eliminating the need for multiple trolleys and/or trunnions width specific.

This unique design feature allows uCAMS Plus users to maximize application flexibilities by allowing effortless width adjustments via the rotation of an adjustment wheel, allowing for precise matrix placement and alignment in vertical trunnion cradles that are an integral part of the unit.

Additionally, digital width position indicators coupled with special threaded mechanisms prevent unwanted position changes and accommodate a variety of serviceable die widths with quick and easy configurations.

Maintenance cart for flat dies, screws, chill rolls

Sold as an add-on upgrade to the base system, uCAMS Plus transforms into a maintenance station for chrome rollers and augers, increasing the system’s purpose by three times. With the addition of special uCAMS Plus components, the system is converted for maintenance of chrome rollers and augers.

The uCAMS Plus upgrade includes two pairs of A-frame and feed screw roller bracket assemblies, each of which features storage cradles that keep components organized when not in use.

By mounting the A-frame supports via tool-free quick release pins to the vertical die trunnion support cradles of the uCAMS frame, the unit is now able to service chrome rollers. Additionally, the A-frame brackets feature recessed bronze rollers used to protect the chrome trunnions from damage when rotating in the brackets during service activities.

Maintenance cart for flat dies, screws, chill rolls

Also, by mounting the auger roller assemblies to the A-frame brackets via tool-free quick release pins, the unit is easily converted into an auger service station. Maximum weight limits for uCAMS service components are 6,000 lbs for flat dies and chrome rollers and 2,000 lbs for feed screws (see table below).

Maintenance cart for flat dies, screws, chill rolls