DSS Agents Invade Tukur Mamu’s House, Take Phones and Documents – The Whistler Newspaper

The residence of Tukur Mamu, a negotiator with the Kaduna train terrorists was invaded by agents of the Department of State Services (DSS).

Officers reportedly invaded his residence in the early hours of Thursday and left with documents, phones and laptops.

Daily Trust reports that his family members inside the flat were asked to sign documents they had not read before taking them away.

Mamu, who was arrested in Cario, Egypt, has been charged with ransom racketeering and connection with terrorists in the northeast corner of Egypt.

But Mamu, when arrested on Wednesday and immediately deported, accused the federal government of orchestrating his arrest by claiming he was only on his way to Saudi Arabia for the lesser Hajj with his wives, son eldest son and his brother-in-law.

Recall that Mamu, came into the limelight after going public with his involvement with the terrorists who abducted the passengers of the incoming train from Kaduna, negotiating their release.

Although there was speculation of outrageous ransoms paid by the families of the victims, Mamu had consistently debunked these reports, saying that all releases by terrorists were obtained through dialogue.

Mamu had collected colossal sums of up to billions for the terrorists with part of the payments made in foreign currencies by the families and negotiated the release of their loved ones.