Effingham City Council votes to allow golf cart use in the town in a 3-2 vote

City Police Officer David Myers

Effingham, IL-(Radio Effingham)- Effingham Town Council voted by a narrow margin of 3 to 2 to allow golf cart use within town limits on a limited basis.

The vote was 3-2. Mayor Mike Schutzbach and Commissioners Libby Moeller and Larry Micenheimer voted in favor, while Commissioners Hank Stephens and Merv Gillenwater voted against. The two commissioners voting No felt that Effingham is not set up for such vehicles with too many freeways running through town.

Golf carts will not be permitted on streets where the speed limit is over 30 MPH. Golf carts will have certain intersections they can use to cross into other parts of town. Direct crossings will be allowed on Route 45, 3rd Street and Virginia Avenue, as well as on Route 40 and Route 33, as well as on the pedestrian bridge crossing Fayette Avenue. There are also restrictions for parking on sidewalks and bike lanes. A permit can be purchased at the City Clerk’s office for those interested in using golf carts in town. They must be renewed annually.

The Council voted on where intermodal shipping containers and semi-trailer and box truck bodies can be used. They are already spread across the city, but new guidelines now allow for limited use. Residential areas will need a special use permit and will have a limit on how long containers can be on residential property.

City Police Officer David Myers was recognized as a city worker in the neighborhood for his actions during an apartment fire. It was stated that he likely saved lives through his actions and went above and beyond the call of duty. He was officially recognized at the meeting for his courageous actions.