Eureka Police take a closer look at golf cart use | police fire

Eureka police began to monitor more closely how people use golf carts in the city after receiving complaints from members of the Eureka Board of Aldermen about people not following the rules governing their use, said Lt. Michael Werges.

In September 2019, council voted to allow the use of golf carts or low-speed vehicles on city-owned roads with speed limits no greater than 30 mph, except for streets outside inside the Legends subdivision, where there is no speed limit. restriction on golf carts. Carts cannot be operated at more than 20 mph and they must be equipped with headlights, turn signals, taillights, reflectors, side mirrors, parking brake, windshield and seat belts of security.

Golf cart owners must also have their vehicles inspected by the city before driving them on city streets. If the carts meet city requirements, owners receive a sticker to put on their cart.

In addition, cart drivers must also follow all state, county, and city laws.

Werges said two of the top complaints from aldermen were from people driving carts on trails inside city parks and people driving carts that didn’t have inspection stickers on them.

“Our goal will be to educate people,” Werges said. “We’re not looking to write a lot of tickets. We will tell people that they must have a sticker to drive a golf cart in Eureka. You cannot use it on a trail and you must obey all traffic laws. Also, you cannot use it while intoxicated. It is the same as your vehicle.