Everett Police launch shopping cart recovery program

Everett Police have announced a new program to get more baskets back to their places.

Everett Police Volunteers will pick up the shopping carts. Photo credit: EPD

The Everett Police Department is excited to announce its Cart Recovery Program! Abandoned shopping carts can be a nuisance and an eyesore that harms our beautiful city. Abandoned carts also harm our local businesses, as replacing unreturned carts can be a significant cost. If not returned, they can also be dangerous, attracting trash, more shopping carts, and harmful CitizensPatch activity.

To help reduce this issue, we ask our community to report abandoned carts so that our Citizen Volunteers Against Crime can collect and return the carts to the owner. To report an abandoned cart, click here or scroll to the bottom of the page.

The Citizen Volunteers Against Crime (CVAC) of the Everett Police Department fulfill several vital roles in the service of the police department to the community. This new program will be part of their service. Their collection and return of abandoned shopping carts will provide the following benefits to our community, businesses and the police department:

Benefit for the Community:

Keep our town clean
Discourages the accumulation of waste in the baskets
Reduces potential sidewalk blockages, which could be an obstacle for pedestrians
Discourages the accumulation of more carts throughout the city
Discourages illegal camping – homeless people often use the carts to build shelters

Benefit to local businesses:

Encourages cooperation between the police department and retailers
Returns stolen goods to retailers, saving them money
Fosters a healthy relationship between retailers and the police that can attract other retailers to our city

Benefits for the department:

Demonstrates our commitment to creative problem-solving efforts
Reduces the workload on other City departments, such as Public Works, which is currently responsible for cleaning and disposing of discarded items on City property
Improves our reputation within the community
Maintain data on the number of carts collected and returned to retailers, which improves our ability to demonstrate program effectiveness and can be used as a guide for other jurisdictions interested in implementing a similar program.

To report an abandoned cart, please click this link: https://www.everettwa.gov/…/Shopping-Cart-Recovery-Program