Everything you need to know about Red Bull Box Cart Race

One of Cape Town’s most iconic neighborhoods will host the famous Red Bull Box Cart Race on Sunday November 6th.

Located at the foot of Signal Hill, on the outskirts of the city center, the Bo-Kaap with its brightly painted houses and cobbled streets is a neighborhood rich in culture and tradition. The steep, sloping streets of the Bo-Kaap provide an ideal venue to host the well-known competitive event which features colorful homemade carts.

A-Action: Over almost 600m of twists and turns, the race should offer participants and visitors a day of thrills and massive spills.

B – Box trolley: What’s in a name? Red Bull Box Cart Races (called Soapbox races elsewhere) are held on a variety of courses in cities around the world. The first Red Bull Box Cart race was held in Belgium in 2000 and since then it has spread around the world with over 100 events taking place from France and Germany to Norway and New Zealand ( where the Kiwis call it “Red Bull Trolley Grand Prix”).

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Relive some of the epic crashes from the 2018 Red Bull Box Cart Race

C-Crash: The route will only be revealed to the teams on the day of the race. What they do know is that they are up against some spectacular odds and if past events have anything to do with it, it means not all carts will make it down the hill. Rest assured though, all drivers and co-drivers are wearing full protective gear (including helmets) and, as with any other motorsport event, comprehensive medical and safety procedures are in place.

D – Audacious: In addition to speed, each team will also be judged on creativity and showmanship. How spectacular is their runner? How flamboyant was their performance? To win, the team must combine the aerodynamic know-how of aeronautical engineers with the artistic flair of a street artist and the stage presence of a rock band. In short, fortune smiles on the bold and daring (when it comes to cart designs and pre-race sketches).

E – Early: The action starts at 11 a.m. but the Red Bull Box Cart Race is expected to attract 12,000 spectators, so get there early.

F – Free: Few things are free in this world, but this is one of them. That’s right, bring your friends and family to enjoy Red Bull Box Cart Race for free. Free. Mahala.

G-Giniel de Villiers: Let’s talk about the track — You know these twists and turns are the work of a professional… The spectacular track was designed by the winner of the 2009 Dakar and five-time Dakar podium finisher, Giniel de Villiers. Geniel likes to go fast and he’s not afraid of obstacles – so the teams are in for some good surprises!

H – Hero: While every member of the 57 teams is a hero, there are a few notable drivers and carts to watch out for. The ‘Dala What You Must’ team has a Mad Max-themed cart built by a team that includes Dakar Rally motorcycle racer Kirsten Landman and famed comedian Jason Goliath. Also, keep a close eye on the Good Hope FM team. The Good Hope FM Feel Good Amplifiers team is counting down the days to compete in the Red Bull Box Cart Race and have been planning to join this adrenaline-filled event since entering the competition. Downhill this machine will be ridden by the resort’s Noni Radebe and his co-driver Rinaldo Felaar, they are supported by their very capable team of Andriques Petersen, Lorenzo Darries and Jason Spikes.

I – I am here: Yes, you are and are allowed to bring: blankets, umbrellas (small handheld style), sunscreen, portable/folding chairs, sealed water bottles, binoculars, personal camera gear and South African flags! Lekker.

J – For information, registrations are closed: Unfortunately, the application deadline closed on August 08, 2022 and you cannot just get started on the same day with a running mobile. Watch, learn and prepare for next time.

K – Children are welcome! This is a family event and out of respect for area residents, no alcohol will be permitted on the event site. However, restaurants and bars will be open on Bree Street, which is within walking distance.

I like: You’re bound to like all the teams, but one, in particular, is called “Date Night”, who dubbed their cart “Quickie”. They based their build on what happens when a date night goes horribly wrong (or very well). According to some insiders, it’s a pretty good build and will be, well, fast! Learn more about the other teams here.

M – Media Access: Listen, to be honest, it’s a bit late, but if you’ve been living under a rock, you can always try submitting all queries to [email protected]

N – No: There are some things you can’t take. No weapons of any kind, no drugs, no food, snacks, drinks or alcohol. No coolers, no glass containers, no ladders or standing platforms, no pets (leave furry friends at home to avoid fast moving vehicles). No tents, no bicycles, skateboards or personal transportation in the venue, and no drones. And no, there’s no need to stress, there will be plenty of food and water vendors on site.

O – Above: Did we mention creativity is what it’s all about? Teams of up to 5 members will perform a skit before propelling their cart around the course. Creative themes will be on display from a variety of unique homemade carts.

P – Parking: There are very few public parking spaces available around the event. We encourage you to take public transport, taxis, online taxi services or carpooling to the Bo-Kaap.

Q- Quick: Yes, it’s a steep hill and there are going to be some fast runs.

R – Race: Creativity matters, but the esteemed judging panel will also consider racing performance.

S-Signal Hill: Located at the foot of Signal Hill, on the outskirts of the city center, the Bo-Kaap with its brightly painted houses and cobbled streets is a neighborhood rich in culture and tradition. The steep, sloping streets of the Bo-Kaap provide an ideal venue to host the well-known competitive event which features colorful homemade carts.

T – Team: There’s a reason racing drivers always talk about themselves in the third person… “We did well today” isn’t a sign of arrogance, it’s a reference to great teams behind them. The Red Bull Box Cart Race is the same. Teams of up to 5 members will tackle the hill (and have been planning, planning and building together for months).

Red Bull Box Trolley

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U-Updates: Can’t make it to the event, follow Red Bull ZA on Tik Tok and Instagram to stay in touch with all the action.

V-V8: No, that won’t happen. The Red Bull Box Cart Race is a race for non-motorized carts only.

W – Win: There will be a winner at the end of the day. Teams will be judged on their creativity and cart design, staging of their 20 second skit and race time. The top 3 teams will receive trophies and prizes.

X – Axle: There are strict rules as to what is allowed and what is not allowed and this will be reviewed by the panel before the race.

Y – Shout: The more support, the better the teams and carts will run. To be involved!

Z – Zulu: Yebo, we have commentary covered for all of Rainbow Nation.

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