Food cart service for homes on South Virginia Dare Trail, South Old Oregon Inlet Road has begun – Reuters

Beginning May 1, 2022, the City of Nags Head launched an enhanced sanitation cart restoration service for residential properties with driveways on South Virginia Dare Trail and South Old Oregon Inlet Road. Letters regarding the new service were recently sent to property owners on both streets.

“For the past several years, we have had significant issues with overflowing garbage carts and blowing trash along South Virginia Dare Trail and South Old Oregon Inlet Road, primarily due to the carts not being placed for the twice weekly service and due to the placement of the carts. too early for collection,” said a news release from the town of Nags Head. “Furthermore, the carts end up being blown onto the street or into the multipurpose path, creating dangerous conditions for pedestrians and motorists. The City has determined that the only way to effectively manage this issue is through coordinated service.

From May 1 to October 31, the city’s contractor, Trash Detail, will move sanitation carts from a house property to the street side the afternoon before collection and bring them home after collection . As collection occurs twice a week, the contractor will visit each property four times a week during the six month service period.

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“The City has met several times with rental management companies on this subject. They have agreed to help manage this program by asking occupants and cleaning staff not to move carts for collection,” the statement read. “Trash Detail will also place a sticker on the carts with instructions. We ask that the sanitary carts remain accessible. They should not be placed in an enclosed space and vehicles should leave enough room to move carts in and out. If Trash Detail is unable to access a sanitation cart, they will leave a hanger on the front door of the property advising residents of the need to ensure carts are accessible.

Outside the period from May 1 to October 31, carts will not be managed by Trash Detail and will again be the responsibility of the owner, tenant or rental management company. During this time, Town of Nags Head staff will remove carts from the right-of-way, but will not drive them home.

Charges for the service will appear on the owner’s annual City of Nags Head tax bill. Fees are based on the number of bedrooms: four or less – $100; five or six – $250; seven or more – $425.

Full-time residents of South Virginia Dare Trail or South Old Oregon Inlet Road have the option of opting out of the food cart service. “We understand that some of our owners live in their homes year-round and can therefore easily manage their sanitation carts,” the statement said. “If this is the case for your property, please complete a form be excluded from the service BEFORE JUNE 15, 2022, to unsubscribe from the service for the next six months. This will be the only time you can opt out of service for the year.

“Unless you have an alternative and reliable way to move carts back and forth, we strongly recommend that all non-resident owners participate in this service,” the statement continued.