Golf cart enforcement and transporting commuters to Brickell tops agenda at Tuesday’s Village Council meeting | Vizcaya key

Transportation issues are expected to be the bulk of discussion at the Key Biscayne Village Council meeting on Tuesday at 6 p.m., particularly enforcement of golf cart violations, which can result in a $75 fine for a first offense and $175 for a second.

Also on the agenda is the next step towards the eventual establishment of a 10-seater electric commuter shuttle, which would run from the key to the Brickell area, close to the Metrorail or Metromover system.

Additionally, there will be a presentation by Aileen Boucle, executive director of the Miami-Dade Transportation Planning Organization, regarding an overview of the county’s Strategic Miami Area Rapid Transit (SMART) plan.

Police Chief Frank Sousa is expected to address the order amending Article II, Section 26 on rules and fines associated with golf carts or slow-moving vehicles.

Violations such as riding on sidewalks, parading on Crandon Boulevard (except crossings at marked intersections), riding on beaches, not having a license, or carrying excessive passengers are grounds for violation. Additionally, the village will adhere to county codes regarding the lack of headlights or windshields.

Regarding the trip to Brickell, a resolution calling for permission to allow Village Superintendent Steve Williamson to apply for a matching grant from the Florida Department of Transportation’s Transit Service Development Program d an amount of $344,477 to extend the public transit service at the request of the village will be discussed.

This article was recommended by Dr. Roland Samimy, Head of Resilience and Sustainability, and comes well after the completion of a Key Biscayne traffic mobility study in an effort to alleviate traffic congestion.

A community survey not only resulted in wishes for the shuttle to Brickell, but also called for two more Freebee shuttles in addition to the current five five-passenger vehicles.

Over the past few years, Freebee ridership has grown steadily, from less than 1,000 uses in 2016 to over 100,000 rides before the pandemic and 83,639 last year.

Based on 198 community survey responses, 84% were in favor of expanding demand-responsive transportation and 73% would use a service such as commuter to connect to Metrorail or Metromover for work and/or commutes. Hobbies.

The shuttle would allow peak hours and depart from the community center.

Among the other points potentially to be discussed on Tuesday evening:

– A resolution authorizing Williamson to engage planning and design professionals to develop a design concept for the Rickenbacker Causeway, not to exceed $175,000.

– A resolution accepting a 2022 Neat Streets Miami matching grant of $25,001 for a tree planting program.

– How campaign finance reports should be handled.

– New lights for the St. Agnes lighting retrofit project.

– A verbal update on sports field allocation and online registration.

– Marine Stadium construction updates.