Golf Cart Laws and Guidelines in Myrtle Beach, SC, Area

As the roads become increasingly congested with visitors flocking to Myrtle Beach this summer, some might ditch their cars or bikes in favor of golf carts to get around.

While golf carts are allowed on certain roads in South Carolina and are common near the beach, driving them on regular roads comes with its own set of laws and guidelines to follow. To help you keep track, The Sun News has compiled a list of laws and suggestions from local leaders.

How does South Carolina golf cart law work?

  • Golf carts can only be driven during the day. If you are driving your cart in the evening, be sure to allow plenty of time to get home, or to a place where you can leave the cart, at sunset.
  • Golf cart must be registered and licensed by SC Department of Motor Vehicles.
  • Do not drive on roads where the speed limit is over 35 miles per hour.
  • Golf carts are permitted to travel up to four miles from the address of the cart registration holder, or within four miles of the entrance to the gated community where the cart is registered.
  • Anyone driving the cart must be at least 16 years old and have a valid driver’s license.
  • When driving a golf cart, keep your driver’s license, proof of liability insurance and golf cart registration on board.

Can you drive a golf cart on Ocean Boulevard?

State law says golf carts can be driven on side streets where the speed limit is no more than 35 miles per hour, but Ocean Boulevard in North Myrtle Beach has a few exceptions:

  • In North Myrtle Beach, golf carts are prohibited on Ocean Boulevard from 27th Avenue South to the Sea Mountain Freeway, as this section is state owned.
  • Golf carts can be driven on Ocean Boulevard in North Myrtle Beach between 48th Avenue South and 33rd Avenue South, and from Sea Mountain Highway to 63rd Avenue North in Cherry Grove.

When and where are golf carts prohibited?

When big events take place that could disrupt traffic, local governments consider whether or not to allow golf carts during that time. This is considered on a case-by-case basis, and there are no events in Myrtle Beach or North Myrtle Beach in the coming months that will prevent golf cart use, according to spokespersons Mark Kruea and Pat Dowling, respectively.

Golf carts are also not permitted on roads with a speed limit greater than 35 miles per hour, or on sidewalks and other types of paths in the area.

How to avoid accidents while driving a golf cart?

Keep an eye out for children driving the golf carts, especially if their feet cannot touch the ground. Children are more likely to fall and be injured if they are not strong enough to use handles and ramps that help adults.

Pets are allowed on golf carts, but make sure they are secure and quiet, as carts are not locked in the way cars and other vehicles are.

Remember that golf carts don’t have lights, horns, turn signals, and other safety features that cars do. Of course, obey all traffic laws.

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