Green Cart Program Will Start Saving You Money Soon –

As the weather begins to warm up and yards begin to thaw, many are doing their annual spring cleaning. Strathmore’s Green Compost Cart program is ramping up to also start on May 1.

Town of Strathmore communications manager Geoff Person said the program has been a big success for the town.

“The green cart program was launched in 2018 and we are very proud of the results. Over 3,400 tons of materials were kept out of landfills and residents were able to get quality compost for free through the program.

The composting program allows residents to dispose of leftover produce, dry cereal, flowers, dairy meat and soiled paper items such as towels, tissues and paper bags.

“Diverting waste from landfills helps reduce costs to the City,” Person explained. “Participating in the green cart program is a smart way to help the City reduce our waste service costs.”

When asked what residents might not know about the green cart program, Person replied, “Compost is a valuable addition to your garden and it’s free for our residents. What a great victory for the community – less waste in landfills, reduced costs for the City and free compost for residents. It’s a triple win!

To learn more about the green cart program, visit the Town of Strathmore website.