He is a surgeon, but on weekends he frequents a popcorn cart in Rosario: “I’m happy there”

Despite the fact that due to the academic career he has chosen, he is between six and seven times a week in a operating room, Julius Caesar Adad are happier take care of your popcorn cart weekends in Rosario.

“I’m happy there” ensures the trauma surgeon that on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays he gets up to prepare the candied, Pear there caramelized apples which he sells in the itinerant trade that bears his name.

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Since 2009, every weekend Julio heads to the Costanera Central Rosario. Until then he always accompanies her his wife Deborah, also a doctor, his daughter Faustine, 6 years old, and little Eusebio, barely 5 months old.

Another image of surgeon and popcorn maker Julio César Adad tending to his cart with his daughter Faustina, 6, and little Eusebio, just 5 months old. (Photo: Courtesy of Rosario 3)

At 6 years, and next to his parents, Julio has set up a small table and nougats sold and chocolate peanuts which complements the family business. For this reason the Pochoclos Adad It’s a tradition in Rosario, and the surgeon, along with his mother and three sisters, continues the legacy.

“I grew up next to a cart and I still do. People have come to me to attend with a hat and chinstrap, but they see me as a familiar face, so I ask them, how’s your hip? Yes They can’t believe it’s me. the man said. He added that he also had to take care of his students of the faculty, since he is a first-year professor in the career of medicine at the National University of Rosario (UNR).

Trauma surgeon Julio César Adad treated a boy years ago.  (Photo: Instagram@drjulioadad)
Trauma surgeon Julio César Adad treated a boy years ago. (Photo: [email protected])

when during 2010 and 2011 He had to do the medical residency, he had to stop going to the family business. “If it was a sunny day and I was on duty, I would have something in my stomach that I felt like something was missing. » recalled in dialogue with Rosary 3.

In this regard, Adad added: “The cart is my life. I can’t not go there on a Sunday. I internalized it, my wife understood it and cashed in on me. It is up to me not to lose my identity. I don’t want to lose it and I will never lose it.

He is a surgeon, but on weekends he frequents a popcorn cart in Rosario:

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Finally, the surgeon assured that “When I’m here, I’m happy, but also when I’m in an operating room. I don’t even think about what they pay me. Many people are surprised how a surgeon sells popcorn, and the reality is that what you earn today as a doctor is not enough”.