Here’s why ‘Made in India’ Rahasya Vodka deserves to be in your mind collection

Coming from the house of Blisswater Industries Private Limited, Rahasya Vodka is very Indian and that in itself is reason enough for you to include it in your spirits collection. Starting with the look, manufacturers should be told that the simple clear glass bottle manages to stand out thanks to its royal blue and gold patterned logo. Local brand vodka is carefully created to ensure you enjoy every bit of it, whether pure or blended. Crispy, light and soothing in taste, Rasshasya is full of character. The drink is a perfect spirit to use to create signature cocktails.

It doesn’t matter if your mix is ​​coffee-based, creamy, fruity, or just something refreshing like coconut or cucumber, this vodka adds a versatile dynamic to your drink. Unlike other vodkas, this one is also perfect (don’t just believe it, try it). Having a blend of spices, the vodka fills your senses right from the sniff to the aftertaste. What also makes this vodka very palatable is the fact that it can be paired with any cuisine and you can watch your tongue savor every note of it as you indulge in the food. Rahasya is a beautifully and delicately crafted spirit that has an amalgamation of our Indian roots and mystique. To put it simply, the colorless liquid is all Indian – from the nose to the taste – it all reminds you of this country.
PS: You won’t understand what this means until you try.

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Posted: Sunday, March 27, 2022, 07:00 IST