How to Get the Golf Cart in NBA 2K23

NBA 2K23 was released on September 9, 2022 for audiences around the world. A question many gamers have after playing for just a few hours is how to incorporate the golf cart into the game.

Last year, one of the most coveted elements of NBA 2K22 was the kart; this year, the golf cart takes the coveted place.

NBA 2K23 has a Season Battle Pass type structure with their MyCAREER mode. Players will earn rewards the more they play and progress through the game. Some rewards are clothing, while others are more coveted items like the golf cart or gym rat badge. Some of the different rewards can be seen in the tweet below from NBA2K.

The golf cart will be a fun tool for players to roam around the map passing different games and terrains while having fun with friends. It was a nice addition to the game and follows last year’s kart pretty well.

Unlocking the golf cart isn’t going to be easy. The Golf Cart is the highest rated item in the Season 1 pass. This means that to unlock it, players will need to max out all levels from the first season. Players must earn XP through matches and challenges to level up, which means the easiest way to unlock the golf cart is to play the game.

A word of warning for anyone trying to unlock the golf cart: it’s going to take a little while. 2K23 was released yesterday and while some streamers have already unlocked the golf cart, the average gamer is going to take a while.

Good luck unlocking the golf cart, as well as the stationary bike, which is also part of the level 40 unlock.