Introduction to Sort’nGo and Automated Three-Part Cart Collection – Tofino-Ucluelet Westerly News

This fall, the Alberni-Clayoquot Regional District (ACRD) will be delivering new green curbside organic waste carts to Tofino, Ucluelet and select surrounding West Coast communities!

The introduction of an organics (food/yard waste) collection service is part of a larger waste update for the region, which includes a transition to an automated cart collection system. This means that in addition to the green carts, new recycling carts (blue) and bins (black) will also be delivered before the launch of the Sort’nGo service in November. In addition, major upgrades are underway at the West Coast Landfill, which will include a new public drop-off area for waste diversion and a compost facility, with funding provided through the Fund. of the federal gasoline tax.

Over the next few months, Residents will receive regular updates on what to expect with plenty of information on what and how to sort items for collection, schedule updates, stay safe and more – as we embark on a learning journey together to ensure the Sort’nGo West Coast program is a success!

Why divert organic materials?

By removing organics from the waste stream where it doesn’t belong, we can divert up to 43% of existing residential household waste from landfill. In the first six months of the City of Port Alberni’s Sort’nGo program, which launched in September 2021, residents diverted 690 tons of organic waste (and counting) from the valley landfill of Alberni, or 172 killer whales of food and garden waste currently. be turned into nutrient-rich compost that can be recycled in the community.

When we divert organics, we extend the life of the landfill, while decreasing the amount of harmful methane gases that are emitted when organic waste is left buried under trash. As we move forward, proactive measures must be taken to ensure that the emissions limit is not triggered, which requires an expensive gas capture system that is far more expensive than introducing organics collection in roadside.

What will be collected?

Curbside Organics is a “scrape the plate” program that allows residents to dispose of all food waste, including bones, meat, dairy, grease and food-based items. soiled paper (paper towels, tissues and greasy pizza boxes). In addition, yard waste (grass clippings, prunings and yard waste) will be picked up at the curb, provided it fits in your organic waste cart.

About Automated Cart Collection

Ozzard Environmental will continue to provide waste management service for Tofino and Ucluelet and is acquiring the necessary equipment to transition to an automated cart collection service. Currently, the method of waste collection on the West Coast is manual, where the driver exits the vehicle and physically empties each bin. With automated collection, a truck equipped with a mechanical arm picks up and empties the carts.

About Carts

The default service will include a 120L Organics Cart (42Wx19Hx22Din), 120L Garbage Cart and 240L Recycling Cart (43Hx24Wx35Din) at a cost of $200/year, unless otherwise specified by residents who have made requests for additional capacity before the March 15, 2022 deadline. Residents can still request additional capacity after launch, which will be provided with additional service fees and an annual service cost adjustment.

Food waste for reflection:

When we look at the Port Alberni data, we’ve seen garbage reduced by nearly half since Sort’nGo launched, that’s a 46% decrease in garbage disposal volume! This is important when considering the size and needs of our carts. The more we divert, the less trash we’ll have for our black carts – that’s why we can move garbage collection to a bi-weekly schedule, with organics and recycling collected every week.

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