JAUnt Golf Cart Service provides accessible transportation around the Auburn campus

Auburn University’s door-to-door golf cart service for students, faculty, and staff with disabilities or medical conditions, otherwise known as “jAUnt,” will win two golf carts for its fleet in the fall of 2022.

The addition will bring the golf cart fleet to a total of eight standard golf carts and one wheelchair accessible golf cart.

The golf cart service was launched in the fall of 2011 with the goal of providing accessible transportation around the Auburn campus for students, faculty, and staff with disabilities or medical conditions that could make difficult movements.

At the time of its inception, jAUnt’s fleet consisted of three standard golf carts, one wheelchair accessible golf cart and fewer than 10 drivers.

According to Christi Burnley, supervisor of the office of transportation services at Auburn University, jAUnt faced many challenges during her first years of service, including old golf carts that often broke down.

“We jokingly qualified them as being on their last wheel. We had situations where a driver couldn’t even pull the cart out of the parking lot because the load wasn’t holding up,” Burnley said.

In 2019, Auburn University Transportation Services took over jAUnt and replaced the entire golf cart fleet.

“It took a while to get them in, but once we were able it was brilliant,” Burnley said.

Throughout the 2021-2022 school year, jAUnt carried 4,522 passengers, a number Burnley says are managed through strategic planning.

“We do all our planning logistically, so we look at where people are going. With our campus map, we determine if there is someone else we can bring in who has an appointment at the same time,” Burnley said.

Beth Weathers, a biomedical science junior, used jAUnt at the start of the 2022 spring semester while recovering from a concussion.

Weathers said that while the people she met through jAUnt were very nice, she encountered challenges during her two months of using the service, such as late rides and unplanned stops.

“JAUnt was great whenever it was scheduled, but there just weren’t enough people or golf carts to be really effective if something unexpected happened,” Weathers said.

Weathers also said she wants jAUnt to continue to grow and earn more golf carts and drivers to help more people navigate campus easily.

In order to be approved for jAUnt golf cart rides, students, faculty, and staff must complete a series of steps that include providing eligible medical documentation to the Accessibility Office as well as completing planning provided by jAUnt.

Students, faculty, and staff interested in jAUnt are encouraged to obtain more information by visiting their website.