Joyriders Tour Campus in a Security Staff Golf Cart: Pepper Pike Police Blotter

Pepper Pike, Ohio

Suspicion: Lander Road

Police responded to the Ursuline College campus on September 5 following a report of two unidentified men riding in a security personnel golf cart which they commandeered around 7:30 p.m.

The cart was found unharmed and abandoned by the suspects, who could not be located after jumping into a car and taking off. They are not believed to be students, police noted.

Theft, Fraud, Forgery: Ginger Wren Road

A resident reported on September 2 that at least two personal cheques, believed to have been mailed from the Lyndhurst Post Office to Public Services in mid-August, had been altered and cashed for significantly inflated amounts.

One was fraudulently cashed for $8,000 and a second for $6,700, on behalf of different suspects who are now part of the ongoing investigation.

Suspicion: South Woodland Road

Officers broke up an alleged underage party around 10:45 p.m. on September 2. Once the police rounded up the attendees, they basically made sure everyone got home safely to their parents. There was at least one adult in the home, although police believed that person was a dog sitter.

Drunk Driving: South Woodland, Lander Roads

Police noticed a car that came to a complete stop near the intersection, with the engine running, the driver’s side door open and a 49-year-old Cleveland woman urinating on the roadway on September 4 at around 4 a.m. morning.

Officers suspected possible impaired driving and the driver ended up registering above the legal limit of 0.08 blood alcohol content (BAC) on a breathalyzer.

A glass pipe suspected of being used for drugs was also seized from his car.

Drunk driving: Boulevard Chagrin

Another Cleveland woman, 49, was arrested around 3 a.m. on September 5 after police witnessed an improper lane change and failure to use a turn signal while driving near Lander Circle.

She, too, showed signs of possible impairment and refused a breathalyzer test.

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