Kinetic Green and Tonino Lamborghini Spa unveil new range of electric golf carts

MUMBAI: Kinetic Green and its Italian JV partner Tonino Lamborghini Spa unveiled a new range of electric golf carts under the legendary Iso brand during the 2021 edition of the 6-day Milan Motorcycle Shows, which kicked off on Tuesday. The Iso Divo golf carts will be available in two versions, Strada and Golf, and will be designed in Italy, manufactured in India and have a global outlook for exports worldwide, Kinetic Green said in a statement.
Golf carts will hit the market early next year, he said.
Pune-based Kinetic Group electric vehicle company Kinetic Green Energy and Power Solutions (KGEPSL) had announced a partnership with Italian luxury accessories manufacturer Tonino Lamborghini Spa in 2018 to design and manufacture golf carts high-end electric and solar power for the global market.
In the joint venture, the Kinetic Group owns a 75% stake in KGEPSL, while the Lamborghini family owns the remaining 25% through Tonino Lamborghini Spa.
The joint venture, Kinetic Green Tonino Lamborghini will develop a series of smart carts ranging from 2-seater to 8-seater, for multiple applications including golf, tourism, hospitality and personal use under the Iso brand, the company said in the Release.
Another ultra-premium line of golf carts under the Tonino Lamborghini brand will also be introduced by the joint venture sometime in 2022, he added.
“The joint venture represents the confluence of two rich automotive heritages from the house of Lamborghini and Kinetic, with diverse and complementary skills that span across geographic boundaries to create a new force in the world of electric vehicles,” said said Sulajja Firodia Motwani, founder. and CEO of Kinetic Green.
This speaks to the prowess of Indian manufacturing and its potential to lead the electric vehicle revolution on a global platform, she added.
The Milan International Bicycle and Motorcycle Show (EICMA), also known as the Milan Motorcycle Shows, is an annual show that takes place in Milan in November every year. The 2020 show, however, was canceled due to the pandemic.
The Iso brand is being reintroduced by young Italian entrepreneur with a world-famous family name, Ferruccio Lamborghini, a third generation member of the Lamborghini family, according to the release.
To accomplish this mission, brand owner Ferruccio Lamborghini has brought together complementary know-how to set a new trend in electronic golf carts with Kinetic Green, he said.
In addition, a range of Iso scooters will also be showcased at EICMA, conceptualized by Ferruccio and developed in partnership with Singapore’s Giken Mobility, according to the release.
“I was looking for strong partners, leaders in their sector, with whom to achieve the highest standards of quality, performance and design. I had planned to launch the project in Italy, and more specifically during this special edition of the EICMA, to underline the Italian tradition of the brand, because that’s where the Iso brand has its roots, and that’s where we’re going to start…” said Ferruccio Lamborghini.
Iso Divo golf carts will have features such as fast-charging lithium-ion batteries, 4-wheel hydraulic brakes, independent suspension, among others, according to the company.
The Iso Divo Strada series will also be marketed as a “street-legal” golf cart, meeting strict DOT approval standards in the United States, the company said, adding that this opens up a significant and growing opportunity in America. North, where many states now allow DOT. golf carts or strollers approved as “neighborhood vehicles” that can move through neighborhood streets at speeds of up to 40 km/h.