Letter: It’s time to act at the dangerous crossroads of Cart and Horses

Again in the news, two more accidents, one of which was tragically fatal. We ask when, if ever, is anything going to be done? And if not, then why not!

A roundabout has been proposed several times. But this could involve the acquisition of land on the Abbots Worthy side, and would likely entail a significant relocation of underground services. It might be better, and feasible, and much less expensive, to install traffic lights. Small road widenings would provide two lanes at each entrance, one for the left turn, one for the right turns, and one for the right turns. These would be 4 way lights. There might be small delays at peak times, but security would be assured.

This work can be completely independent of the M3 Junction 9 project. And it could certainly be completed four years before 2027 (or whenever!).

At the very least, isn’t it time for county and city councilors to “get their heads straight” and become properly accountable themselves, instead of repeatedly “leaning” into every topic? hard ? Tell us all what they really think they’re doing, and if nothing, why nothing.

Peter Innes,

Hill of Nations,

Headbourne Worthy

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