Lincoln Golf Courses Restrict Cart Use Due To Dry Conditions | Local

Carts will be banned from city golf courses from Feb. 27 through March 13 due to extremely dry turf conditions, the Lincoln Parks and Recreation Department announced Friday.

“Early March is a critical time to protect grass growth before greening up in the spring, especially for bentgrass,” golf course maintenance coordinator Casey Crittenden said in a press release. “Restricting the use of golf carts in early March is a simple preventative measure to minimize potential turf damage that can be costly and time-consuming to repair.

Drought back pictured in Lancaster County

Crittenden said maintenance staff are following a recommendation from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln to lightly irrigate when conditions are ideal to rehydrate grass crowns and restore moisture levels.

According to UNL’s latest Drought Monitor, all of Lancaster County is now considered abnormally dry, with western parts of the county experiencing moderate drought.

Lincoln has seen less than 4 inches of snow so far this winter, its lowest amount at this point in the season since at least the winter of 1948-49, when the National Weather Service began recording data at Lincoln Airport.

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Lincoln Parks and Recreation operates five municipal golf courses:

• Highlands Golf Course, 5501 NW 12th St., 402-441-6081;

• Holmes Golf Course, 3701 S. 70th St., 402-441-8960;

• Mahoney Golf Course, 7900 Adams Street, 402-441-8969;

• Pioneers Golf Course, 3403 West Van Dorn St., 402-441-8966;

• Ager Golf Course and Learning Center, 3761, boul. Normal, 402-441-3863;

Contact each course’s clubhouse for updates on restrictions or visit

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