Machsanei Hashuk Integrates WalkOut’s Smart Cart Solution Across All Its Branches

TEL AVIV, Israel–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Israeli society To go for a walk, the developer of an end-to-end autonomous shopping solution, announces an extensive cooperation agreement with Machsanei Hashuk, one of Israel’s largest supermarket chains. As part of the agreement, the chain will implement the fully autonomous payment solution, considered the most accurate in the global retail industry, across all of its 62 branches. Its deployment will begin next month.

Although 61% of shoppers prefer buying from brands that also have a physical location, over 70 % of shoppers say queuing at checkouts is frustrating and detracts from the shopping experience. Until the development of the WalkOut solution, no system accompanied the customer throughout the purchase, which includes the checkout itself.

WalkOut’s retrofit smartcart solution delivers a revolution in the shopping experience that addresses two key challenges retail chains face in the physical shopping process.

The first is related to the long queues at the checkout. The second is the inability to create a personalized shopping experience for each customer.

The company’s first-ever truly seamless modernization solution in the retail industry requires no costly changes to store infrastructure, while other solutions require the retailer to purchase new carts and most s rely on barcode readers and scales for item recognition. The mountable cart device’s multiple high-precision cameras, which use many different proprietary algorithms to accurately recognize products, identify items as shoppers load or remove them with 99.2% accuracy.

WalkOut’s edge computing and machine vision algorithms also reduce the need for expensive on-cloud servers and high-bandwidth internet support. This use of single-sensor architecture and edge computing allows retail stores to operate a much more robust and cost-effective solution. Using a large touchscreen, the device also communicates with the customer to provide personalized recommendations, store navigation, additional product information and relevant promotions based on customer history and location. buyer in the store.

“Connecting to one of the largest retail chains in Israel is an exciting opportunity and a milestone for us,” said Assaf Gedalia, CEO and co-founder of WalkOut. “The solution is futuristic, personalized and at the same time preserves the privacy of the customer.”

“As a chain advocating innovative technologies, we wanted to offer our customers significant savings on checkout wait times and provide a more personal, accessible and efficient shopping experience,” said Shalom Naaman, CEO and Owner by Machsanei Hashuk. “The WalkOut solution will significantly reduce the length of stay in branches, help maximize our operational efficiency and allow us to offer one of the most advanced shopping experiences in the world.”

About WalkOut

To go for a walk, founded in 2018, set out to change the way consumers purchase products in physical stores by placing checkout directly on the cart. The company’s solution is based on machine vision technology that can identify any item placed in or removed from the cart and calculate it into the final payment. In this way, the shopping cart eliminates the need for checkout and keeps the checkout process time to a minimum. The WalkOut solution includes a large touchscreen located on the shopping cart and combines a personalized shopping experience with offers and promotions based on each consumer’s preferences, complementary products and product location in the store. The WalkOut system is modular and can be retrofitted to existing carts in stores without requiring major store modifications.

About Machsanei Hashuk

Machsanei Hashuk is a leading marketing chain owned and operated by Naaman & Cohen families which was established in 1996 in the city of Beer Sheva. The chain currently has 62 branches across the country, from Safed to Eilat. In 2019, the chain acquired Co-op and thus became one of the largest marketing chains in Israel. The cooperative’s branches have since been converted into “Machsanei Hashuk sheli”. The chain operates an advanced and accessible online site, in addition to its branches. It also offers its own Wincard+ credit card, in cooperation with Max, which combines an ordinary rewards card with the chain’s own promotions Machsanei Hashuk runs a strong and active customer club with more than 400,000 loyal customers.

The channel is the official sponsor of the “Hapoel Machsanei Hashuk Beer-Sheva” football team. For more information, visit