Man Beaten to Death after Attempting to Steal Money from Food Cart in Bhiwandi | Bombay News

As the owner of the food cart in Bhiwandi was closing the store, the deceased came to the stall and attempted to steal cash; the owner, his two sons and a friend of his sons were arrested for beating the man to death

ThroughAnamika Gharat, Bhiwandi

A 32-year-old man who attempted to steal the crate of a Chinese food cart was beaten to death by the owner and his sons on Monday evening.

While the accused was closing the store, the deceased came to the stall and attempted to steal cash. The owner, his two sons and a minor friend of his sons beat him to death. Nizampura police arrested the four accused and sent the minor to a children’s remand center.

The accused are identified as Noor Siddhique, 64, known as Puri Bhaji Wala Ustad, and his two sons, Afzal Siddhique, 28, and Afjar Siddhique, 26.

According to a Nizampura police officer, the defendants have their Chinese catering business near the Metro hotel in Bhiwandi. The deceased, Shafiq Shaikh, went to collect food from the accused’s food stall. The deceased behaved suspiciously and fought unnecessarily with the servers.

An officer said: “Sheikh was there until 11:30 pm when he saw the owner and the cook busy preparing the day’s business. He took advantage of the situation and stole the cash register. One of Siddhique’s sons saw him and chased him as he tried to escape. Siddhique’s family and the minor friend started beating him. They beat Shaikh in the middle of the road until the police intervened and stopped them. Shaikh was taken to hospital where he was pronounced dead during treatment. We have arrested the four accused in this case.

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