Mary Fitzgerald shares the contents of her 2022 Amazon shopping cart

It’s no secret that Amazon has it all. Furniture, clothing (high-end designers included), highly-rated essentials, and endless webpages of products aside, Netflix sell sunset Star Mary Fitzgerald reveals her one hack to make the site work for her – and it’s thanks to the convenience of online grocery delivery via Amazon Fresh.

Think about all the time you spend browsing the aisles of the store. For the busy real estate agent, she’s found a system that makes her more efficient and keeps her healthy too. Because yes, you box order fresh produce and pre-made salads directly on site.

“I buy everything on Amazon, including groceries on Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods,” Fitzgerald revealed to Beautiful house. “I usually get what I need delivered like when we were at Coachella I didn’t get groceries and the fridge was empty but I stocked up before we got back.”

Being able to buy vegetables and fruit online is a game-changer and Fitzgerald admits it has allowed him to keep up with his greens. “I always try to be healthier and I’m a huge vegetarian,” she added. “I get a lot of meat alternatives. I also like to make stir fries and cauliflower rice.”

Next time you’re looking for your next Prime delivery, be sure to head to the Amazon Fresh section. Remember, the best part is that you will also get everything on the same day, and right away you will see the deals and coupons page with all the best deals. We guarantee that if you try the service once, you’ll be hooked, so follow in Fitzgerald’s footsteps and see where it takes you!

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