More rental golf carts head to Ocean Boulevard ahead of tourist season

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – Ocean Boulevard in Myrtle Beach will see a few more golf carts this year.

We will see 64 more golf carts this summer. The city approved those permits this week; however, we will also see 64 fewer mopeds.

Many rental businesses try to grow while working under a strict city-imposed rental limit.

Companies have a limit on the number of rental vehicles they can have, but no limit on the type they can have, so the city is seeing a trend away from mopeds, lowriders and trikes and companies are turning more of their fleets towards golf carts.

Officials like the one at USA Beachwear believe that the fewer small vehicles we see near the beach, the safer it will be during peak season.

“We do a lot of rentals, we rent every day, sometimes two or three times a day,” said James Kyriakos, director of USA Beachwear.

Kyriakos says they are only weeks away from those days when people are constantly coming to check on one of their 20 golf carts.

One thing people won’t see at USA Beachwear is mopeds.

“We decided to remove them from our property, people tend, in Myrtle Beach, it’s a party zone, so when they get on two wheels, it tends to be very dangerous, and we don’t want to be held accountable,” Kyriakos said. “So we don’t want to provide our consumers with anything that can hurt them while on vacation.”

Myrtle Beach executives implemented a franchise system about five years ago to put a hard cap on golf cart and moped rentals at 871.

“The number was getting untenable,” said Fox Simons, the city manager. “They were increasing exponentially. This was straining our resources at the police department, so we had to step up. »

Between the liability factor and the rental limit, Myrtle Beach has seen more and more companies gradually swap their moped, trike and low-boy licenses for golf cart licenses to fill their fleets.

From a public safety perspective, it’s a trend City Manager Fox Simons wouldn’t mind seeing continued.

Because by state law, golf carts can’t be driven anywhere with speed limits higher than 35 miles per hour or at night – laws that don’t apply to mopeds.

“It helps control, from our perspective, the proliferation of units – where they are,” Simons said.

The transition is no small feat for Kyriakos, as he has no problem renting golf carts when the weather warms up.

“People really appreciate it, and I don’t think it’s as dangerous as renting mopeds in Myrtle Beach,” Kyriakos said.

A rental company has asked to add more to its fleet this year and exceed this limit of 871.

The city council rejected the request, so that will be the number this year and they can reconsider the increase if necessary next year.

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