Neuron Energy launches Adler electric golf cart

Mumbai-based EV battery manufacturer Neuro Energy has launched a range of Adler electric golf carts, marking its entry into the segment. The company said its new venture will meet demands for personal travel, cargo, leisure and medical assistance with its new product.

Neuron Energy, in a statement, said it aimed to venture into the Middle East market through exports.

The golf carts will be powered by Neuron’s lithium-ion batteries which include a GPRS tracker and remote assistance.

Neuron lithium golf cart batteries have been actively used at the IIT Mumbai campus, Oxford Golf and Country Club Resort, the statement added.

Electric carts have the potential to be cheaper to operate than gas-powered carts in the long run because they don’t require regular maintenance or fuel costs.

Pratik Kamdar, co-founder of Neuron Energy, says: “For electric vehicles to really have an impact, there needs to be a holistic system that needs to be in place, whether it’s the charging infrastructure or the the easy availability of good quality products at a moderate price.

“We have been working on developing a comprehensive network of batteries and spare parts needed to support electric vehicles,” he added.

“Adler golf carts are part of our green technology initiative with an all new vertical integrated under the brand. We always aim to cater to as many segments as possible and hope that together with Adler we will be able to make the transition from airports, residences, malls, hotels, etc. to zero carbon footprint zones,” Kamdar noted.